Watch it on your TV at home, on your computer at the office, or on your tablet on the go or on vacation! In short, we are there wherever you are!

Live Matches

Fuchs-Sports presents the most advanced technology by far best ın-game experıence
by the help of artıfıcıal ıntellıgence in live streamings. Fans can follow their own teams, and fans experience best in game experience with Fuchs Live HD, and Fuchs 360 the panoramic view of the sports events.

Big Data

Fuchs-Sports creates its own data platform which enable creating personalized athlete data. Timeless performances are the valuable assets for teams as well as athletes. Audio visual content per team per player will be available for industry experts and scouts. This will help talent detection and talent cultivation.  Early detection of talents will have enormous value for the sports industry.


Fuchs-Sports enable personalization on OTT, where each sports fan can directly access and follow relevant content easily. This will help users to engage with their clubs and favorites athletes.


Fuchs-Sports provide automatically important moments of team performances especially goals, freekicks, and critical moments of the matches. This will help fans to reach out past performances of the clubs even they can not catch live events they can watch the important moments anytime ,anywhere. 


It is always a social act for the real fans, hearts beats together at the stadium. Modern times give us very little spare time and sometimes as happened to be in CoVID days it can be impossible to be with the club at present in stadiums. Luckily, Fuchs-Sports enable fans with in game experience, where they can watch live streamings they can make comments and they can easily share the content with other fans, and friends & family.