TWIST (Walloon Technologies of Image, Sound and Text) is a network of companies and an exchange platform that promotes innovation and the growth of digital industries, mainly in the digital sectors of image and his. In 12 years, TWIST has built a network of some 110 members (representing 4,500 direct jobs and a turnover of 1 billion euros), 80% of which are SMEs, 3 television channels (RTBF, RTL Belgium, BeTV) , 6 universities & research centers and 2 investment funds. TWIST is also recognized and supported by its Belgian public authorities and as such is an official partner of Digital Wallonia, the digital strategy adopted by the Walloon Government.

Also, and in order to carry out its missions, TWIST can rely on a network of European and international partners with whom a real collaboration has been set up in the “live sport & entertainment” sector, in particular with the support of the European Commission. Thus, TWIST has concluded formal collaboration agreements with 12 partners active in Europe and outside Europe. These partners are based in Munich (Germany), Paris, Seine-St-Denis and Bordeaux (France), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Malmö (Sweden), Brussels (Belgium), Graz (Austria), Lausanne (Switzerland), in Texas and California (USA).