Our Strategy

Fuchs Strategy

The sports information platforms produced by Fuchs-Sports offer a complete system: Live Broadcasts, VOD, Highlights, Summaries, Results, News, Reports

around its productions, Fuchs-Sports offer brands  different and in depth reach. We want to tell stories and create a real interaction between the brand and the communities.

Brands are looking for strong levers to distinguish themselves from their competitors. We want to support them in tailor-made reflection and tell new stories while preserving their DNA.

Fuchs-Sports has surrounded itself with strong partners in various fields such as graphic and video production, but also with partners whose technological know-how is oriented towards “new writings” which are intended to be social.


This format allows brands to engage in conversations on all social platforms, with a target of millennials, in particular thanks to total transparency in the subject matter, but always at the service of information.

The Media World Is Changing, Developing and Advertising Too

Fuchs-Sports believes that it is necessary to reinvent the way brands reach sports audiances. The fans are passionate about their teams, it is a unique opprtunity for brands to reach different segments and regions and create emotional bond with the sports fans.


Fuchs-Sports is able to create its own data platform in a way enabling digital advertising and helping brands to reach their audiances within the streaming and as well as within special contents Vods, and highlights.

Connect From Anywhere, Any Device

With the FuchsSports Web, iOS and Android apps, fans will be watching up-to-date scores,  live matches and exciting highlights for sports wherever fans are through the FuchsSports platforms
Fans can also follow the live matches, highlights, standings, fixture details of your team or the teams that they want to follow through the FuchsSports apps.  By adding reminder alerts about live matches, fans won't miss matches for the teams.