About Us

Fuchs-Sports is a Luxembourg based media company, subsidiary of Fuchs-Finance, a group which has 40 million euros of equity, and annually manages 6 billion euros of assets.
Fuchs-Sports is well positioned as a major player in the media digitalization and distribution of sport content at the international level.
Our company invest in sports infrastructures and sports clubs venues, we create an end to end system equipped with several cameras which allows the recording and retransmission of sports events without human intervention.
Fuchs-Sports uses the recordings to create various audiovisual productions accessible to the public via OTT platforms with the graphic identity of federations, leagues and even clubs.


  • Media coverage and digitization of sports;
  • Control of content and product by clubs, federations or leagues;
  • Promotion of the "after game" spirit to bring fans to be closer to the club;
  • Increased visibility of clubs, athletes and sport in general;
  • Providing technical staff with a database of matches in the form of an "exchange league" with one of the best video analysis software on the market;
  • Income generation for federations, leagues, clubs and project partners.

For Clubs
The sportsclubs are facing enourmous challenges in CoVID times, it has been always difficult to run a sports club with acquiring talents and cultivating success with limited resources. The limited resources and limited visibility is a real barrier for growth of the Clubs. Now, FuchsSports empower the club managements by enabling them to be more visible than ever.
For Brands
It has been a creative implementation of differentiation in prospects minds. The brands need to be innovative as well as visible to their audiances. The brands need to reinvent the way they convey the messages, one of the best ways to reach the public audiance is to be visible and be with them when it is the match day.
For Fans
It is always a personal preference, and the match days are critical for them. Especially if their team is facing fierce competition and need to win. Those days are special, and fans need to give energy and winning spirit to their teams. Sometimes it was difficult to be at present at stadiums, as it is in CoVID days, so the best way is to reach the live streaming content easily with one click and help them to enjoy the moment and share the content.